Mills - Maybach Mills 6.2

DJs: DJ Rell
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10:55 AM January 13, 2012 moneygang513 said:

linn 2 linnn yuurrr yeee park town moneygang 1544 down tha way no other way ****s wit mills
3:24 PM August 13, 2011 Maybachmills62 said:

Go check my new hit single "Get money music" on you tube its fire! I'm so Maybachmills62 Haawwwwww
5:32 PM July 22, 2011 MsPorchialuvinbrandoEaton said:

Luvin da mixtape esp. Numbers 3,6 and 8! Keep doin da damn thang! Msdz luv to maybach mills 6.2
2:05 PM July 20, 2011 MzCourtneyBaskin said:

keep doin yo thang mills this cd hot!!!!!!!!
10:10 AM July 20, 2011 droptoplac84 said:

dude never said he was meek. yall go somewhere else wit that hatin. yall m ****as need to be banned off this site. dope ****. do what u do. look like u doin sumthn right since u got sum hatas.
12:18 AM July 20, 2011 YOUNGPHILLY558 via Mobile:

I ****s wit this The real mills stand up .... no Homo 558
10:24 PM July 19, 2011 Maybachmills62 said:

everybody keep being fans in keep gettin money in if you ant gettin no money sit the **** back
10:12 PM July 19, 2011 nruffin95 said:

MANNN.....FAKE LMAO...**** Rider of Meek Mill N Maybach Music Get real NIGGAS