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11:20 AM March 9, 2013 nippy1447 via Mobile:

It's a mixtape ur suppose to use beats niggaz gonna know only rappers that's out use new beats for a mixtape
11:52 AM December 10, 2012 TTIMErealmusiconly said:

Hes the best rapper right now , Look up "Los freestyle challenge 1,2,&3" Hes the best rapper im tellin you .
12:04 AM September 17, 2012 Amone5 via Mobile:

This dude is just too real...
4:22 PM February 23, 2012 Cloud_Kick3r said:

if he actually had his own beats he'd be good
12:46 AM January 18, 2012 Henti23 said:

Feeling ur music, Heard u on shade45, True talent. "No stressing..progression is no question and Tribulation with no Faith is no Blessing" Los.
4:44 PM December 17, 2011 capo920 said:

Check out somma My Tracks on YouTube....just type in Frankie Scrilla all my stuff should pop up
Much Appreciated
5:23 PM December 6, 2011 Tesper said:

Ha that look at me now rap was okay for the second half. for the first... I'm just glad ***** rhymes with *****...
12:56 PM November 5, 2011 Romeoso131 said: