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5:40 PM October 20, 2011 d_mand said:

its ight but not better than the other shiz they do
5:43 PM July 30, 2011 bamabred1985 said:

im on #3 and im already feelin dis.........
11:50 PM July 29, 2011 Dlite62 said:

Good stuff
8:35 PM July 23, 2011 MoeInstrumentaLzPlez said:

we need another city 2 come up, atl been holden it down 4 way to long
12:09 PM July 23, 2011 RomeyRomeBeatz215 said:

i fux wit it
12:03 PM July 23, 2011 bigtah said:

If you're looking for the next out of Atlanta, Alien Craft is one of the forerunners for that level. Big Ups to SMKA for providing the platform musically and business wise for that to happen.