Ced Hughes - One Day We'll Wake Up

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7:46 PM November 17, 2012 koky_23jord said:

3:13 PM September 15, 2011 Mcrem said:

good **** homie..some **** is far out ther tho.. like to future like :)
12:06 AM August 4, 2011 DeeMerkh said:

this joint blew me away! ****in on point! Ced Hughes is the BEST young rapper, i dont know how the **** he so unheard of....hes like a non muslim Lupe Fiasco x Kid Cudi...imma bump this in the whip!
1:09 AM July 26, 2011 kidsilc said:

ive met this dude before he's come along way and his music is dope,keep doing your thing homie!