The Weeknd - Live At The Mod Club


Spotted at g.m.a.d.

Now as for this collection, it is a collection of audio rips from videos and whatnot so it's not the best quality but it's better than anything else we have.
As was expected, the show quickly sold out and despite the strict camera policy and lack of press as the show, the greatness that are smart phones allows all of us who weren't present at the show to enjoy the greatness that is Abel.

Official Mixtape: The Weeknd - House Of Balloons

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12:00 PM March 18, 2014 fooleyp said:

The weeknd out do himself everytime(heavenly choir)!!!
9:39 PM May 20, 2012 bigpapi2 said:

where u get the noise mixtape from, i been lookin for tht
2:14 PM March 15, 2012 chandeezly via Mobile:

What you need
7:23 AM December 21, 2011 mapper21 said:

Whoever Is A Fan Of The Weeknd Should Have This In Their Collection Along With House Of Balloons, Thursday And The Noise. That Was The Biggest Night Of His Life Because It's His First Live Concert.
3:39 PM September 21, 2011 sz1 said:

The Weeknd is THE **** - showing love from the UK
3:06 AM August 4, 2011 MannyYuuupSongz said:

This Is Real Vocal Artist...Put's A Mixtape Out Of His Live Show...House Of Balloons GREAT ****inq Tape!!!
1:46 AM August 3, 2011 iFUTURISTIC said:

Ya Check out Da real mixtape house of balloons..
8:46 PM August 2, 2011 wood614 said:

Who ever made this should have never put this **** out . I like Weekend but hate this cell phone mixtape check out "House of Ballloons" the REAL mixtape.