Halo Mixtape

DJs: DJ J1
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11:58 AM August 12, 2011 couch528 said:

raw cover it is,,jeezy shake life is the best song on here
8:46 AM August 12, 2011 Game313 said:

that suks i listen and hope hear instrumental halo song ....NO GOOD
3:46 PM August 11, 2011 nasteeman77 said:

chrisakalogic's comment made me laugh so hard I had 2 comment......Da album cover str8 up has got 2 be the gayest cover ever, dats my word. Im kinda feelin dat Tyrese trak tho.
4:18 PM August 9, 2011 chrisakalogic said:

That's the gayest cover I've seen in a minute.
5:07 AM August 9, 2011 MR_38128 said:

Yung Tone Gone Promote That No Cuffin Song For The Rest OF His Life , . HE CAnt Think Of **** So He Sampled It . , That **** Annoying .
4:31 PM August 8, 2011 JScandle513 said:

nothing new. give it up till tit put out some new ****.
2:42 PM August 8, 2011 Natc601 said:

@moneymike86... Just stop it.... ur not gonna get famous by it, Ur just not
7:00 AM August 8, 2011 atlzbioz said: