Ryshon Jones - She's Leaving For College

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10:54 PM September 24, 2012 MzMusik23 said:

I'm feeling this...nicely done papi..but mami came off thristy on xxx and lust files..lol favorite dis 4 sure:)
1:10 PM December 27, 2011 prknlotpmp said:

Nice shyt playboi.. Im feeling.. Way in Texas..
11:16 PM August 29, 2011 deathxx_412 said:

@123west last.
5:05 AM August 17, 2011 sofakingill said:

8:52 AM August 13, 2011 frozematic said:

THIS is why mainstream radio bores me, mixtapes like these a breath of fresh air. This is an on point mixtape from start to finish.
10:44 AM August 11, 2011 pompanoslim said:

real hip hop indy do the damn thing
11:21 AM August 10, 2011 Young_Tear_137 said:

Great Mixtape Fam!!! $ometimez A Nigga Like Myself Needz To Hear $omethin' Otha Than Dat Trap $hit I ****z Wit!!! Do Ya Thang $on!!!
5:20 PM August 9, 2011 1234west said: