Shaun Boothe - Waiting Room

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10:02 AM September 29, 2011 Mcrem said:

FOR REAL DO SOME SONGS FIRE AS HELL track 3 i thought was trash,,,but ounce the bass kicked in it WAS RIDING and other tracks nice to, so far!
9:57 AM September 29, 2011 Mcrem said:

@LouiGucciPrada... lol rire
9:45 AM September 16, 2011 1Atlkid said:

Always gonna be a hater somewhere...some good music right, keep it up man.
3:02 AM August 20, 2011 LouiGucciPrada said:

this nigga is wack as **** lol.... roflmao @ this video where the beat drop and he start bobbin his head like that **** actually ridin..**** outta here boi lol
7:16 PM August 14, 2011 Miles281 said:

dis dude is cool
Beats are straight legit, he alright lyrically
i would still jam this though
11:02 AM August 14, 2011 spuddizzle said:

just gave this a run over and its really nice
7:28 PM August 13, 2011 deandreparks1234 said:

yooo my cousin doin his thing
2:35 PM August 13, 2011 JuJu04 said:

Idk what you'll niggas talking bout this **** is nice