August Coupe & The Interns - Introducing The Interns

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8:11 PM September 6, 2011 epichobo said:

@LouiGucciPrada I love white people ****
3:00 AM August 20, 2011 LouiGucciPrada said:

WTF is this bull****? i dont even know how i found this, or why i clicked this.... Livemixtapes wtf? this is not hiphop...this is white people ****...
2:42 PM August 17, 2011 fwatalump said:

this is dope. love the chill vibe it has.
9:27 PM August 15, 2011 keishabuqq said:

love it. i listen to it every morning when i drive to school.
12:28 PM August 11, 2011 Troybballin14 said:

This is good music with lyrics not metaphors
6:52 PM August 10, 2011 Aluke92 said:

I likes this mixtape. This is the type of music we need