Ver$e - Catch Me If You Can

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2:38 PM November 26, 2011 FameU said:

If you aint feeln this then somebody clearly cut your hands off!!!! #justsayn There is more than 1 favorite to choose from. The lyrical content and flow alone is not typical.
8:23 PM September 7, 2011 antonioandrews said:

7-4 till the world blow
4:17 PM August 19, 2011 6_QUICK said:

shout out 2 dem VA niggas im in NC 336 704 wat it do!!??
6:28 PM August 16, 2011 SniperwolfZERO said:

That cover is crazy son. you need to fire or beat up whoever told you thats was a good cover. SMH
4:40 PM August 12, 2011 f_ckAmixtape_420 said:

VA nigga 757 804 434
2:01 AM August 12, 2011 willcell said:

this is a dope project
6:10 PM August 11, 2011 GoBully said:

The fact that he has a negative rating only diminishes the reputation of the livemixtape community...this **** is like one big *** popularity contest..keep it 100
3:36 PM August 11, 2011 JavisE1 said:

hes nt bad n dosent deserve a neg rating n mi opinion. He shud of ripped off shawn c. catch me if u cn which i thought he wuz. #11 is mi shyt!