The Carter's Sabbath

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12:56 AM June 16, 2015 Kingdyl said:

The only reason the score on this mixtape is in the negative is because it is a fake blend tape
1:09 AM November 17, 2012 nickbuckeyes7 said:

this is awesome! just re became a fan agin. even though wayne ell off a little bit. he will be back. i hope.
1:16 AM September 3, 2012 stephen11795 said:

pple gotta realize that Black Sabbath is probably better than what half of these people that comment on here listen to
3:05 AM May 5, 2012 michael4629 said:

this **** garbage
5:09 PM March 14, 2012 jamark5 said:

First mixtape I seen n the negative
11:22 PM March 10, 2012 packerfan92 via Mobile:

This is dope as ****
12:03 AM December 22, 2011 peyton93 said:

steady mobbin n iron man is the only hard **** on here.
4:35 PM October 24, 2011 blazininferno420 said:

this is HORRIBLE ... ugh enuff already with the bull****