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7:42 PM May 23, 2012 algrigs said:

he is not that good
4:58 PM December 17, 2011 capo920 said:

Check out somma My Tracks on YouTube....just type in Frankie Scrilla all my stuff should pop up
Much Appreciated
12:37 PM September 14, 2011 bame said:

duh ....o-city or no city we here we been here nigga
1:37 PM August 23, 2011 bigtwan21 said:

This kevin Durant artist
1:13 AM August 23, 2011 tebron93 said:

Dis **** fire
12:33 AM August 22, 2011 iKiiDfReSh said:

This ngga really be hockin loogies on tracks, I hope he make more shid.
10:03 PM August 20, 2011 Philro2 said:

Just for the record there is a typo on track number#11. That track was produced by Philro of Pure Royalty Ent!
10:42 AM August 19, 2011 kingofnewyork1 said:

I Been Look For That Song Wit Flocka On It Since They Came Out Wit Tha Video