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3:26 PM September 14, 2011 naetres said:

yall lame as **** for hating on currensy on somebody else mixtape comments. lol. it's only his beat not his voice, CALM DOWN.
12:27 PM August 28, 2011 Chaps0n said:

diggin it
11:27 PM August 22, 2011 dominiqueashley said:

holding her own n her lane so GET YOURS ON
10:00 PM August 20, 2011 sani224 said:

good **** dis dat laid back muzik
1:58 PM August 20, 2011 koky_23jord said:

shiiit is hott!!!!
12:57 PM August 20, 2011 GregHunta said:

@ louigucciprada how they're on the same label n they do songs together listen to Silence. N @Warren Spitta is makin 6 digits on tours.
2:33 AM August 20, 2011 LouiGucciPrada said:

waaack!!!!!!! And she just disrespected curren$y by gettin on that micheal knight beat... dude i dont even know how the **** i found this or why i clicked it.....
4:26 PM August 19, 2011 gd2947 said:

stop hating cuz this hot music