KD - Trill Azz Essentials

Spotted at DGB
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8:07 PM January 16, 2012 xdonavan1x said:

kd i ****s wit you the long way bra ohio ****s wit you!!!
6:06 PM September 23, 2011 CAnDyMaine said:

@hollow205 not dat 1 da 1 dat drop on da 2nd verse on track 6 itz like a dark beat i never heard
3:17 PM September 14, 2011 pimpinhozpimpin said:

2:14 AM September 14, 2011 100percent_G said:

this **** tight KD keep doing ya thing my nigga! big ups to hollow ent
11:13 AM September 7, 2011 hollow205 said:

@CAnDyMaine UGK I Wanna Be Free
1:46 AM September 6, 2011 CAnDyMaine said:

PLEASE if any body knowz tha 2nd beat to track 6 plz let me know (and im not talkin about the UGK ONE DAY BEAT) im talkin bout tha 1 dat drops after the chorus
11:26 PM September 5, 2011 dont_know62 said:

I like this nigga alot for a southern nigga he be flowin half da time. Next to come up wit dat nigga Scotty. Dis dat contemparoy hip hop **** here all old sounding beats for real smooth doe
2:15 AM August 28, 2011 tscout said:

this cd gonna get me a lot of pusssy lol =)