E Get $$$ - 3 Dollar Sign Nation

DJs: DJ Scream
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10:23 PM January 13, 2016 jasmine0428 via iOS App:

Badass music
6:05 PM November 17, 2011 Prob24 said:

This nigga look retarded
2:34 AM September 28, 2011 yungtexas23 said:

TnP we in here every song on here bang nuttin but hits bruh bruh TnP finna take ova shout outs to dj scream mmg
3:44 PM September 13, 2011 yungtexas23 said:

nawf memphis i guess u aint got talent den cuz TnP in dis ***** we da hottest of da hot bruh bruh E Get $$$ and DJ Scream MMG in dis hoe
4:05 PM September 8, 2011 bizzleb88 said:

Ey dis nigga strait. Dnt understand y niggaz wit talent cant get a major deal but deez wack azz niggaz kan. Nawf memphis in dis *****
4:47 PM September 6, 2011 gthreat24 said:

hottest nigga in Texas...
4:46 PM September 6, 2011 gthreat24 said:

$$$ Nation... TnP
5:31 AM September 2, 2011 YoungBank said:

ddawg worried bout my nigga E GET $$$ like u hiz gurl luk like u aint got nun beta do wit ur life but sit up here n hate