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4:17 PM May 19, 2012 DICE1000 said:

all you fake azz hating azz niggas step to the rear my little man is coming through you cant stop the real while yall haten niggas talking my man stacken..........
2:52 PM May 19, 2012 k0akumashay said:

Octain the best weed song ever Thumbs up
2:49 PM May 19, 2012 LatiLoca said:

he got a new mix coming out and go to you tube its called new era and i love the single
2:45 PM May 19, 2012 faeriwings said:

Im a girl and this is hot.. I told all my friends about this cd. very nice you know when the woman like the men will follow
2:41 PM May 19, 2012 Native69er said:

He is ***y I would **** him while listening to his music
2:36 PM May 19, 2012 alcapone904 said:

yes he is growing a great look
6:09 AM November 11, 2011 Davonta1993 said:

they hatterz
12:01 PM September 18, 2011 beegii85 said:

lol he look like that stretchy nigga from street fighter hahaha