Mistah FAB - The Realest Shit I Never Wrote 4

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10:03 PM April 25, 2012 SwoopNhussle said:

This Nigga flop cuz of his mouth **** u and them white *****es
5:28 PM December 12, 2011 danta08 said:

track 5 you disrespected lil wayne and rick ross
1:10 AM November 27, 2011 thahnic via Mobile:

It was aight, some of it was corny though.
5:21 PM October 24, 2011 SALEENXXX said:

this nigga cant gas on the B FAB BRUH go back to riding the bus
12:21 AM October 2, 2011 Floumet said:

Wow this is straight hip hop. Freestyle off the dome songs?! this is impressive. F.A.B went in!
10:39 AM September 27, 2011 djhustla said:

Woooooo This Dont Add Up. I Havent Seen A Low Score Like This In A While.-127 Dont Look Good.
10:46 PM September 23, 2011 dee968 said:

@Dramathakid shut the **** up this nigga is hot garbage look at the score LMFAOOOOOOOOOO
9:09 PM September 23, 2011 Dramathakid said:

it's bay area music mah ****as yall stupid goo goo *** niggas always crying if u dnt like it dnt listen to it you ****in ***** *** niggas im tired bre bre bre man shut da **** up mistah fab go hard