Bad Boy - The Preview (Hosted By Diddy)

Congrats to MGK on his recent label deal with Bad Boy! #LACEUP!
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11:01 AM March 3, 2013 FreeSosaGloryBoy said:

Mgk fuc yela wolf ***** dont make me pop the trunk wack
9:46 PM April 9, 2012 EazyEats via Mobile:

Mgk need to sign wit a better lanel
5:13 PM March 21, 2012 stisda0 said:

that nigga diddy is user he get what he can out of you then kicks you off the roster but i gotta respect him for his grind he knows a hit.
4:08 AM January 15, 2012 Marinecorps said:

diddy got mgk in illuminati,hope it dont take over him,cause he got lots of potential,diddy is a piece of ****.
1:02 AM January 6, 2012 THAKIDD93 said:

mgk ****ed up tha moment he signed wit bad boy he can dew way better
10:32 AM December 15, 2011 rel2me38 said:

this lil nigga still need some work
9:18 PM November 6, 2011 8274life said:

2 me mgk betta dan yela but datz just me
4:58 PM October 22, 2011 4dpmoneyteam via Mobile:

Man Cleveland #laceup he sign to bad boy cuz thats the best move diddy make career look at Rick Ross