Stacy Barthe - Sincerely Yours

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5:25 PM June 21, 2015 Quiet_Riot8 said:

I really appreciate her as an artist!!! A great voice indeed. Real music.
12:22 AM May 19, 2013 eastez82 via Mobile:

Gawd I love this woman musically.
3:51 AM May 11, 2013 melhumphrey said:

I love you Stacy. Finally we got some real music.
10:50 AM March 1, 2013 jazzyinjapan said:

My new kick-back mixtape. Soothing, sensual sounds, why is this artist slept-on? I had to download this album, I love all the tracks.
6:21 AM December 21, 2012 SilentSiren7 said:

underrated masterpiece
3:58 PM September 10, 2012 MzMusik23 said:

I finally found this mixtape..after that ffing google sent me on a bunch of dead end links...smh.anyway love your music...super dope #4 stay on repeat
9:15 PM April 22, 2012 mizzgiggles2008 said:

Found one of her songs on Basketball Wives "Find My Way"! I luv her voice.
5:35 PM April 11, 2012 Str8Gne said:

Nice mixtape, got a nice "evening ride sound". I fux wit it....