Darkskin - Lyrically Speakin'

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1:02 PM September 8, 2012 The_Chill said:

'Bout time some real music hit the pavement again! The homie Darkskin did this one! This kinda music - music with a message - doesn't age.
5:22 AM October 12, 2011 Breakin59 said:

Yooooo, what's good with a feature?!?! lmao... sike naw.. but forreal.. this is good ****, and inspiring... makes me wanna write sumthin forreal!
5:45 PM October 6, 2011 JungleBoyJim said:

Damn, this is a hot mixtape!! I just saw the video on youtube for Gwappin too and that **** was crankin! Keep em comin!!
5:34 PM October 6, 2011 MissMelody1 said:

WOW.... I am having trouble "keeping my composure" after listening to this mixtape!! Good **** homie forreal!
5:24 PM October 6, 2011 MojitoLove1 said:

Nice trackz & blazin lyrics... that's what I'm talking about, keep doing ya thing!
7:19 AM September 30, 2011 KidGrime said:

I respect how he keep it real unlike other niggas following trends. keep it up bruh
10:57 AM September 26, 2011 sliccronson said:

already bro,been a long time comin' congrats&fucc the hataz!
8:02 AM September 15, 2011 Starrgasms said:

i see you did the damn thing fam! [ #salutes ] ya name gonna be in BRIGHT LIGHTS soom! dont 4get the little people.REAL SH*T this is an AMAZING SHOWCASE of your talent. dont quit fam! much respect.