Young Scrap - Music We Can F*ck To

DJs: DJ Grady
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5:46 PM February 8, 2012 bebehodonu said: that a nikka wit a WHIte girl...haha kute cover tho
4:53 PM December 11, 2011 Gab_bo said:

nice mixtape !!
12:38 PM December 7, 2011 blackboymagic said:

this straight. it gotta nice vibe to it
2:10 PM November 20, 2011 prettygirltb said:

great cd it gets two thumbs up!!!!!
6:30 PM November 1, 2011 haitian8907 said:

o my gosh i heard the first 4 songs and its soooo laaaaaammmmme if a dude ever played this mixtape for me i would leave asap cuz he would just be telling me he lame lol
10:39 PM October 18, 2011 Paga said:

can't wait to play this cd tomorrow night. yeah ole lets do it
8:44 PM October 9, 2011 Jaydayy via Mobile:

AH B0Y B00 ! (UNDER ME) NUMBERS 4,5,7,8,11,
8:38 PM October 8, 2011 crunkpopeye said:

**** is mad corny!! if i played this for my *****es they would laugh at me. enjoy your 17 year olds