Ramesses D.B.I. - Surgical Gloves

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12:48 AM October 26, 2011 ramdbi said:

Mellow got flow, get out cha mama basement nigga and get a life
1:07 PM October 25, 2011 MellowGotFlow said:

Waste of time
6:56 PM September 19, 2011 bootz616 said:

Michigan Made it's time to make history!!!!
7:15 PM September 14, 2011 strizzlestrizzle said:

Congrats on the release on LIVE fam!! This mixtape is gonna change a lot of ****!!! #EPIC
4:34 PM September 14, 2011 buddylee10 said:

I see u holdin it down for Hip Hop n Michigan!! Keep it up bro! The industry needs more...MORE!!