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5:00 PM January 17, 2019 markellhilaire via iOS App:

Can’t believe it’s been 9 ****ing years. Classic.
11:17 AM March 17, 2016 LDTREX via Mobile:

It makes me sick that this is so old, I miss those times.
1:58 PM March 13, 2013 sonic666 said:

mellow mixtape. with dope lyrics. mike g's rad
9:41 AM January 22, 2013 rasta1017 said:

O Yes Issa OF Stick Up, Might Tell This ***** To Put The Donuts In The Bag Quicka !
9:40 AM January 22, 2013 rasta1017 said:

Stick Up Beat Is So Sick, Haven't Listened To This **** Since It First Came Out!!!
10:38 PM October 8, 2012 213nair via Mobile:

Mike G is ashy as ****!!!!! Hahahaha hes cool
10:07 PM September 9, 2012 mickelwelsh00 via Mobile:

O.F.W.G.K.T.A. He has good flow and his voice is really chill not all angry like the rest of O.F. Good lyrics too but he needs to make himself different no one knows who he is.
2:18 AM August 2, 2012 skeesh123 said:

This nigga need his OWN shyt...frank ocean blows up but he doesn't...this is bullshyt