Glasses Malone - The Dope Mixtape

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1:38 AM November 10, 2011 hoptown50 said:

he sound like game
10:12 AM November 1, 2011 aridantzler123 said:

This is a crackhead dream mixtape
1:26 PM September 26, 2011 robsmith421 via Mobile:

g. malone gutta,lsd,yes ill have some.if u hatin on malone then, u know he still on that bs right.
7:15 AM September 25, 2011 onex_6639 said:

its called the "dope" mixtape for a reason might not be sick but all the songs bout doin some kinda drug
6:42 PM September 24, 2011 mdkylla said:

G Malone is that dude i feel u nicca...
8:26 AM September 24, 2011 lilbirdman420 said:

wtf lol look at the name of his songz ???? this nigga need rehab
11:53 PM September 22, 2011 6_QUICK via Mobile:

My nigga been goin in
10:49 PM September 21, 2011 mylesman12 said:

Best part of dis tape was track#22 @ 0:23sec.....!

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