Logic - Young Sinatra

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4:08 PM October 22, 2014 aden24 said:

Cant believe I just came across logic a couple months ago,his music is so real with a little bit of a smoking twist. Love the samples, love how I can relate everyday to this ****, and I love Logic.
12:14 PM October 21, 2014 thafranchisetwenty11 said:

had to cop his tapes due to an interview from the Breakfast Club this morning. Heard him spit on there and just in general talk about his life. Truth
7:10 PM June 12, 2014 packerman421 via Mobile:

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7:09 PM June 12, 2014 packerman421 via Mobile:

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3:35 PM March 21, 2014 malsawma04 said:

music aint bout colours....
6:04 AM December 20, 2013 ypool43 said:

#6 Beggin' is the best. This guy speak life!
2:30 PM August 19, 2013 slickpapoose said:

dnt forget he's black too
9:51 PM July 18, 2013 Whodat_marty via Mobile: