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10:51 PM October 14, 2011 dashaunjl said:

gota take back wat i said about wssu.just got back from a game and they football pretty good.but this nigga still cant rap. . .just had to add that last part
1:58 PM October 9, 2011 BostonSwagg said:

yall niggas some ***** *** haters.. this is serious
10:54 AM September 24, 2011 dashaunjl said:

y would u wana rep wssu.i live in the tre4 but dem niggas sorry in every thing bra
8:24 PM September 22, 2011 barrion5 said:

in look at who he **** wit weak assssss nigga's
8:23 PM September 22, 2011 barrion5 said:

these nigga is weak *** hell wit no no no no no no no no no money who ever like this bull**** need help
5:09 PM September 22, 2011 SniperwolfZERO said:

Dae Dae? Really?? You top flight security *** nigga. **** outta here with this bull**** LMFAO
1:40 PM September 22, 2011 HOTROD126 said:

hahahaha wssu tre4???? im about to go there next year
12:19 PM September 22, 2011 nicholasmelton said:

I know my boy Dae Dae savage