Charles Hamilton - C.A.T.S. Can

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2:14 PM February 17, 2012 youngrocksat said:

7:14 PM January 10, 2012 sn4pb4k said:

nigga yall stupidhatin its caldmusic pay atention to the art notjust thelyrics yall really justlike tylerthecreator he is writinfrom a diferentperspective payatention and u could see this ****
5:51 PM October 18, 2011 Rodriguez23 said:

He say's "F pac F Biggie they were just with me" that aint no diss smh track is dope along with most of the mixtape +1
3:31 PM October 3, 2011 YD89 said:

He's talking about the rap industry in general. -____-
3:30 PM October 3, 2011 YD89 said:

All of you complaining about track 9 are idiots. In the chorus, he say's he's throwing shots at rappers that he knows he's not supposed to.
2:50 PM October 3, 2011 MellowGotFlow said:

he can do better why he only go in when he want to on like only 2 tracks
10:32 AM October 2, 2011 IceDaGhost said:

how u dissin the dead...GARBAGE..& sound like he be hittin the pipe
10:12 AM October 1, 2011 kidlambert21 said:

im a CH fam but dissin PAC BIGGIE AND CUDI isnt tight dawg