Bow Wow - I'm Better Than You

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7:37 PM October 6, 2012 simonezzz13 via Mobile:

My fav song is some other **** ❤
4:48 AM September 14, 2012 jho1980 said:

This nigga is off, retire just like u said WOW . Child star get over urself.
4:46 AM September 14, 2012 jho1980 said:

Put in work(80x's)???? Sure az fuk soundz like a hook to me, how bout yall???
2:13 PM August 24, 2012 MUZIK_FEEN said:

how u gon say 70 bars no hook when the hook come in like work, work, iPut in, work...? goofy
5:34 PM July 25, 2012 MartenLong via Mobile:

Mary Jane & and I love ***** is my favorite songs on this mixtape
5:31 PM July 24, 2012 stacks856 said:

this mixtape go hard as hell my 2 favorite songs is What My Future Holds & 2 Young 2 Give A **** (Feat. Chris Brown). YMCMB niggas
10:12 PM July 8, 2012 IamAwesome via Mobile:

I am late on this
12:43 PM May 21, 2012 Swaqquh said:

Bow wow is prolly the richest rapper ever. hes been rappin since he was like 3 years old! noone can get at him!?