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12:58 AM July 8, 2012 truthhurtznow said:

Damn this dude rep is ****ed right about now, so lets all just stop it. lolol. Next rapper. lolol
12:57 AM July 8, 2012 truthhurtznow said:

@ATLien_Splash88 if you kno he was only in jail for a couple hours u aint from Atlanta, you from illinois u fake fuq. lol. Stop maki fake profile like you from here. lol
10:02 PM June 25, 2012 ATLien_Splash88 said:

@jezzymane & Atljboi256 G only set in Jail for a couple hours get off his ****, yall mfs aint bout that life, and if expose yaself..
12:07 AM June 10, 2012 MiamiHeatTeam said:

Keep grinding my nigga
11:26 PM May 24, 2012 2chainzonit said:

@jezzymane, i feel you on that one. dude need to switch it up n stop BITING ATL. He chewing hard!! lol
3:25 PM May 22, 2012 jezzymane said:

We get money beleive that. Its not bout money though its bout him sayin all this stuff and not bein bout it and bittin swag.
9:49 AM May 15, 2012 Courtboy2012 via Mobile:

These folks hating on this man ... But they don't even got the money to even put a dj on they **** lol get ya bandz up first
1:00 PM May 7, 2012 jezzymane said:

decatur il