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Sour State Of Mind

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Uploaded 10/01/2011
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7:39 PM April 29, 2012 AlCViejo said:

a$ap is the group not just rocky
2:40 AM January 27, 2012 Eclipse1212 via Mobile:

Downloaf ASAP ASAP
4:09 AM January 2, 2012 strongear402 said:

A.S.A.P. Rocky nice.. Mixtape is sick
6:17 PM November 6, 2011 darknessg said:

@gaspeedracer88 ASAP is the name of his clique and rocky is his name
10:31 AM October 6, 2011 Buddy18LVSmixtape said:

Track 30
10:53 PM October 5, 2011 cashbaby said:

man i bet this mix tape crank, you know i got to see what's up with the new york rappers
1:55 AM October 5, 2011 gaspeedracer88 said:

ASAP Rocky is grimey for being close in name to Aesop Rock. Not even close to his level!
2:10 PM October 4, 2011 UwayBalla said:

Juicy J Been Bumpn All N Da Mix N Im Luvn Dat 3 6 New Style!!!