Troop 41 - The Take Off

DJs: DJ Grady
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2:57 AM February 1, 2012 flockajames33 said:

i meant tht nigga inferno in myrtle beach he was a cool do we got ****ed up ferno im ****in wit u bro
8:41 AM December 1, 2011 JavisE1 said:

wow didnt kno they currently hav a tape out i jus decided 2 luk em up n found tis but i think tha otha tape of theres is betta but i ride w it.
8:16 PM November 30, 2011 baller8137 said:

carolina niggaz always go hard!!keep reppin my state. carolina in this *****!
11:55 AM October 9, 2011 TarHeel05 said:

carolina in this *****! these my niggas tho
4:22 AM October 5, 2011 AKizzleBKing said:

They too similar to travis porter. The only songs i kinda liked was #5,13,14 but they cool ain knockin em. Just callin it like i see
2:41 AM October 5, 2011 renardatruth2 said:

9:55 AM October 4, 2011 LilBowWowGay said:

track 14 b ridin RALEIGGGHHHHH
1:00 AM October 4, 2011 SonyaNichols said:

vote up for album cover