Papoose - King Of New York

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1:32 AM August 17, 2013 LilJbeats said:

chamillionaire is lyrical as ****. listen to his music dumbass
9:53 AM April 12, 2013 zhit said:

did this nigga justin just say his favorite rapper is chamillionaire!?
9:15 AM February 16, 2013 Gowrilla via Mobile:

March 5 #NaciremaDream Drops! With 28 hot mixtapes under his belt, sure he won't disappoint!
8:24 PM December 15, 2012 Regjest via Mobile:

Get em Pap...
6:14 PM June 8, 2012 justinmoss1996 said:

Chamillionaire is my favorite rapper, but Papoose is definitely my 2nd. And Im from the south, and i f*kin hate Gucci & Future. Not everybody from da south like those wannabes. F*ck those fakers
4:53 PM May 26, 2012 DFyant said:

That boy Pap still got it!
3:40 AM May 22, 2012 mafiab5ypb said:

yall kno that PaPoose nd waka did a song right.? yall are so disresPektful.!
11:42 PM March 18, 2012 bucci_cat said:

this mixtape was great