K Green - Think Green

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1:49 PM October 12, 2011 1CALLOWAY said:

We been waitin' on this joint bruh!
**** BANGS!!
11:37 PM October 5, 2011 TheKgreen said:

I appreciate the love!!! #NCLove!!!
10:41 PM October 5, 2011 brandonbucks said:

good music fam keep grinding
2:35 AM October 5, 2011 hazezoos said:

yeh this is tight.
12:15 AM October 5, 2011 hayesmilan said:

I like it .....minus the curse words....but I like it...you are more talented than I knew!
12:07 PM October 4, 2011 rytrrll19 said:

NC's own! I know KG personally. Let's get it Norf Cac!! ♫NIRF (Rellevance The Diamond Man in ya speaker boxx soon!!)