Profit - High Times

DJs: DJ Noize
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11:35 AM November 12, 2011 pusha21 said:

biting all the way even to song titles smh
2:30 PM November 7, 2011 Dwill2007 said:

Good album but u jockin curren$y a lil too much, u even using his ad-libs and mumbling lines like he does before he actually start rappin'
2:25 PM November 7, 2011 Dwill2007 said:

good Mixtape, I can tell u heavily influenced by Curren$y, but u kinda jockin him a lil too much, u even usin' his ad-libs and mumbling rhymes before u start rappin like him.
2:18 AM November 5, 2011 Musik22 via Mobile:

Lil Havana(Miami)...we here man. Team Profit
9:30 AM October 11, 2011 deemoe803 said:

Aye bruh, keep doin ya thang cus you already know I f***s with it... 100... Let it be known what day The Terminal drop...
7:00 PM October 9, 2011 Musik22 via Mobile:

Keep doing what u doing. I like this mixtape. I will be waiting on The Terminal!
1:40 PM October 9, 2011 NyNigga804 said:

this nigga is nice bruh, he might sound a lil like spitta but this nigga is his own nigga he aint jockin nobody, stfu an appreciate good *** music . ( i ****s widd ya profit, keep doin yoo thing bruh)
11:04 PM October 7, 2011 DaMusicManiac said:

He does kind of sound like Curren$y,but i think he is slightly better IMO.