Khat - Voodoo Child

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3:53 PM November 10, 2011 certified_dope said:

he got musical talent, you can feel the emotion flowing, my chick luv this too
3:52 PM November 10, 2011 certified_dope said:

hahaha, that cover doin just what he wanted - pissing of you close minded little ****s, I been hearing his song all over - in the parking lot, in some movies n ****
1:21 AM October 26, 2011 j4kd said:

i don't think many people would make a cover like that without thinking about it...
love the tape. keep doin what you do.
1:41 PM October 12, 2011 stephanengola said:

i just wana say that the cover is stupid and you should think about it niggas
1:03 PM October 12, 2011 HDshawti said:

ii don't agree with the Mixtape Cover, but this shidd is HOT!!!! the Music, Videos err thang, check out his youtube too, more hot shidd on there
11:23 PM October 11, 2011 666down said:

is this wat rap is comeing to or wat ever it is THIS **** IS WACK crackhead stoner music i miss good music
2:31 AM October 11, 2011 DEMIC said:

bad cover nigga RECONCHATUVIDA
2:28 AM October 11, 2011 DEMIC said: