Lil Phat - Never Use A Pen Again

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10:25 PM February 20, 2019 KREWZ said:

Phat trill ent still letting **** slide wit ur death i dont know how they can listen to ur song (realer than me) and think they still gangstas and the nigga even sneak dissing you and bambino
11:57 AM August 19, 2017 TMTTT21 via Mobile:

R.I.P Trill Fam Youngin
5:42 PM May 28, 2017 hotwintercoldsummer via Android App:

its sad when you miss yo fav rapper so much. i was growin with his music. phat done said **** that i used in everyday life frfr aint really gota say much on that. r.i.p
10:28 AM November 7, 2016 mulove53 via Mobile:

Rest up lil Phat 🙏
8:42 PM October 24, 2016 zellie2311 via Android App:

rip lil phat
5:22 AM September 24, 2016 jamminlikefuck via Android App:

***** you knowin how i come
1:58 AM July 22, 2016 SelfMadeLolo via Mobile:

12:10 AM July 13, 2016 yaboi2423 via iOS App:

Rip phat