Mat Musto - Gone For Good

DJs: E-V
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10:47 PM January 21, 2013 efox5 via Mobile:

This is amazing :o he should get more exposure
6:13 PM February 1, 2012 CB__ said:

different style of music. his stay schemin cover with pose was dope tho
4:52 PM October 15, 2011 luhjaybadazz said:

I'm fuccin wid dis **** str8 up ...y'all fall bacc
8:45 PM October 12, 2011 LONGLIVEPIMPC44 said:

not ****in with it but livemixtapes is a place for ARTIST to put out there ART n i love seein different people with different styles gettin exposure.
10:45 PM October 11, 2011 jiggaboo said:

welcome tooo muh birthday partehhhhh
7:18 PM October 11, 2011 pops216 said:

end of the road ft mgk is dope as ****, cleveland boyz
12:27 PM October 11, 2011 Yoboychase0 said:

Not Hip Hop but GOOD music good sound and different swagg i like it
4:09 PM October 10, 2011 desertfox said:

to stickygreenweeds: nowhere on this site does it advertise itself solely as a promoter of hip-hop and rap. and secondly, get off the indie page if you're going to be sour.

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