Philthy Rich - Loyalty B4 Royalty 3 (Just For The Niggas)

DJs: DJ Racks
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4:29 PM February 23, 2012 JuiceKidd said:

aint really ****in wit the new philthy anymore, his old **** better. BUT I ****S WITH JOE BLOW
1:28 PM January 28, 2012 pweex4 said:

Blood all u hatin *** niggaz blood **** da cheeze coast and all u gay tl and down south nikkaz blood. yall nikkaz like dat drake gay z lex lugar blood dat shyt weak as hell Pp
1:04 AM November 11, 2011 Flockaz said:

my nigga phiiilthy.
rep tha Wesss mane
4:49 AM October 15, 2011 lac92 said:

**** u haters keep saying this ****. u aint from the bay
4:13 AM October 10, 2011 scooterz said:

how you gonna have one mixtape but not the other this was a two mixtape release
12:48 PM October 9, 2011 berps said:

poserr asss fooz dontt knoww wazz up witt philtyy
12:47 PM October 9, 2011 berps said:

3:53 AM October 9, 2011 Cityofdope said:

Dam wack