De-Lor - J'adore

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9:49 PM January 8, 2013 shaniqua14 said:

ii lov3 y0ur song
11:09 AM October 13, 2011 904drew said:

This Wats Up Rite Here And Dis Is Good Fist Pumping Music Rite Here Lol He Need To Keep Doin His Thing
6:09 PM October 11, 2011 pitchblac said:

dude looks so homo on the cover lmao
6:08 PM October 11, 2011 koky_23jord said:

i like this!!! good fist pumping music!!! keep doin yo thang homeboi!!
12:53 PM October 11, 2011 9inchesandproud said:

this is hot alot better than any chris brown etc who all have big budgets