Downsouth Dynasty

DJs: DJ 5150
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8:26 PM January 13, 2013 thatniggajeremy via Mobile:

DIS **** GO IN
8:15 PM December 5, 2012 dipnyc said:

they need to do another mixtape fire
8:34 PM November 26, 2012 Souf612TopDawgNigga said:

This **** bomb and I just found it people be fooling if you dont **** with just rich gates, dirt gang and Lex Luger last good tape I found with them all was triple turnt up witch was the sheeeiiitttt
9:04 AM August 20, 2012 judochop via Mobile:

Dis tape was in da negativas cus people didnt knw about dirt gang til dunk died
12:08 AM May 31, 2012 BoogieMane8732 said:

This MIXTAPE hard as ****. Why it don't have more votes than this?
10:27 PM May 15, 2012 crow20 said:

R.I.P Slim Dunkin
3:16 PM March 17, 2012 lukecharles said:

38 revolver no shell cases... Daily Basis D D Daily Basis
2:11 AM January 19, 2012 zachrox64 said:

R.I.P. Dunkin comin from the nati. 513 ****s wit BSM n DirtGang all day