Mook - 401k

DJs: DJ Khaled
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3:16 PM November 8, 2011 Mcrem said:

S. JONES SLAPPED THIS LIL NIGGA, srry but your raps was OVER since then nigga, all real niggas kno this!
8:58 PM October 27, 2011 tugworld230 said:

THAT OD track is banging!
10:02 AM October 24, 2011 beasty_mate said:

heel ya tha shyt ryt here yo fo rel ssum one hit me up yo
10:30 PM October 22, 2011 tusbax said:

who ever sleeping on this cat don't no **** about real rap this nigg mook got bars and this is what real hip-hop sound like do your **** ma nigg this niggs all wacka flocka and lil B type........
2:26 PM October 19, 2011 veercide83 said:

Ruff ryderssssssssss were in here cuz
3:55 AM October 18, 2011 daville1 said:

Uh ooooooooo!!!!!!! I didnt even kno dis was murda mook. Havent listened 2 it yet but it gotta b hard.