Bridget Kelly - Every Girl

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8:52 PM June 25, 2013 scarfacefine said:

10:02 AM January 31, 2013 dannigurlsworld24 said:

I Love This Mixtape & I Can't Wait Until Her Album Drops
6:03 PM December 12, 2012 ladyrt23 via Mobile:

Luv this ep! Most def waiting on het lp to be released 2013
11:04 AM April 29, 2012 cramz said:

shes fine and she can sing. I'm liking number 2. The whole thing good though.
2:58 PM January 12, 2012 vonamp22 said:

this is my **** prolly be da onli dude ridin with this up loud but its #BOOMIN twitter @Chevishow
8:04 PM January 3, 2012 kskoot said:

Awesome!!! Not into this kind of music too much but, Bridget Kelly is the real deal!!!! I see big things in her future. Hey Bridget..........if you read this, keep it going girl. You have "IT"!!!!
10:58 PM December 19, 2011 EARGAZMENT said:

12:48 AM December 2, 2011 Jaxxtnr said:

she nice 4real, i fukswit it