Jordan Hollywood - Its Jordan #Swagg

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12:36 AM February 26, 2012 skooley123 said:

he tight
5:29 PM November 16, 2011 nw2721 said:

I like him bumping him hard in the airforce
11:10 PM October 28, 2011 Yello123 said:

St8 killed it
10:30 PM October 26, 2011 corporate_thuggin1126 said:

He good, don't see why the score so low if people actually listened to it. Now this tape LOOKS like it would suck, and the "#swag" doesn't help, but this **** straight.
9:02 PM October 26, 2011 starblazer56 said:

this dude has the skill he just need to find his own style
8:51 PM October 26, 2011 treycash15 said:

going hard
2:04 AM October 26, 2011 RichboySF818 said:

pretty good. but i could see he jocks big seans flow . still good good lyrics but still find your own "#swag"
7:33 PM October 25, 2011 L3L said: