So Tatted Sharky - The Take Over

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7:35 PM September 22, 2015 StayindaWest via Mobile:

The streets is talkin and this **** right here, this **** right here nigga, this **** sucks. Beats aight but lyric game on fleek. More hook than str8 flowing. Bars upgrade.
3:06 PM July 27, 2012 sn4pb4k said:

wtf was this nigga thinking im wasting time comenting on this im glad i did not cklick this a year ago when it came out
1:48 PM June 6, 2012 TheTrillestOne said:

what a waste of lex beats
10:25 PM March 15, 2012 ozzy93 via Mobile:

this is garbage
4:32 PM January 29, 2012 shermil said:

sharky drop that new firrreeee homie......... cant wait.... MAN SOULJA SUCKS **** AND YA'LL ARE HERE SLAGGIN TALENT!!! SMH BEST RAPPER
11:33 AM January 7, 2012 shermil said:

he can afford lex luger on the beat.. so hes doin something right... follow @jamesybuddz i follow back..........SHHHHAAAAARRRRRRRRRRKKKKKKKYYYYYYYYYY BAHAHAHA
4:10 PM November 21, 2011 Mcrem said:

LMAO lyrics are 9th grade ****
5:38 PM November 16, 2011 TraSmith5223 said:

Niggas always hatin cut da **** out da nigga ain't no clown yall da clowns listen 2 what he talkin bout *** wipes

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