Lon G - Tax Free Weekend

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7:08 PM February 12, 2012 Justformusic86 said:

Man Im still on this mixtape!! When is School Daze Dropping!!? Good stuff!
7:09 PM January 5, 2012 wwe1626 said:

5:29 PM November 27, 2011 otk6 said:

#Dope O.T.K, Lon G -- definite collab! Chck out the Sophomore Mixtape: Weed&Champagne @indytapes
10:01 AM November 27, 2011 Quise_45 said:

Can't wait for his new mixtape School Daze: Higher Learning to drop that hoe is BEASTY!
1:07 AM November 12, 2011 smokedowneyjr said:

never owned or had machine guns prolly never seen one ...wich makes it hard for me to understand why he calls his ****** *** machine gun kelly wow dudes trash KEEP IT OLD SKOOL EAST COAST HIP HOP
1:06 AM November 12, 2011 smokedowneyjr said:

just cuz diddys dumbass signed u to bad boy only god almighty knows why wow ur like a gayer yelawolf clone LOL ...u aint bone thugginor n harmony nigga u *****
1:05 AM November 12, 2011 smokedowneyjr said:

i wish more rappers would stop puttin up a front and just be themselves its embarassing look at machine gun kelly just cuz u got tats and yell cleveland
1:04 AM November 12, 2011 smokedowneyjr said:

wow here we go finally a rapper who sounds nice like hes from the 90s old school original hip hop **** before hip hop died and it became the wwf **** im from 90s lol...i mean "wwE"....GAY.