Da A$tronautz - Grand Theft Audio

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2:12 PM July 2, 2012 musicalsole said:

8:00 AM June 21, 2012 OriginalJordans said:

I like this tape. I remember them from the machine gun Kelly show, cool dudes
1:04 PM December 21, 2011 jahmarfresh said:

damn tapout380 haha.... u went off cuzzo lol
3:40 PM December 16, 2011 Tapout380 said:

mikael2013 u a ***** nigga holla at me dont say **** 2 mi kuz u **** rider if u dont like a mixtape who waste dy time listenin 2 it ***** go beat ya **** kause we gettn money an hoes wat bout u homie?
12:01 AM December 6, 2011 cosign said:

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12:00 AM December 6, 2011 cosign said:

Yo Whats poppn... This CoMan 1/2 of Da A$tronautz...Like to thank all yall for listening and downloading the tape...all feedback negative and postive are appreciated...
6:06 PM November 30, 2011 HarryKjell said:

this ****s dope, idk where you haters come off... how many mixtapes do you guys have?? This **** is RAW. #FOOTClan ALL DAY!
2:48 AM November 29, 2011 mikael2013 said:

but not for the paper plane... thats what that store got it from