Shy Kid - Happy 23rd

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1:59 PM November 30, 2011 peppy633 said:

make a new album
3:45 PM November 18, 2011 mxtapeking said:

hahahaha Fiya... took the words out of ma mouth... such trash
11:40 AM November 17, 2011 FiyaTrax said:

R U serious?! Roscoe Dash? u wud think given the chance, u wud actually try not take his style and sound like a dying cat... switchin ur style on every track is not the way to go.. remove this ****
12:59 PM November 4, 2011 PinoyPacAttack said:

I'm going to play LMFAO for my annoying *** GF
5:41 PM November 2, 2011 Mixtapemadness1 said:

Everything is Autotuned Whack!
4:21 PM November 2, 2011 DuNk9 said:

Haven't heard of this Kat .I will download track 8 and 11 all the other ones were average, would like to hear some more tape is a B-
1:47 PM November 2, 2011 peppy633 said:

luvs it fucs wit it specially num 11 gots to download
5:14 PM November 1, 2011 pdizzle876 said:

Yo this kid is pretty nice.. Track 6, 8, and 11 go hard as **** straight bangers yo.. I fux with the tape a must download