The Boy Illinois - Inhale 4

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12:19 PM December 30, 2011 DonPerrionGWOPPAGANG said:

i see u joe #GG #1SS4
4:54 PM November 23, 2011 MellowGotFlow said:

Another nigga making my city look bad
3:18 AM November 10, 2011 Thuggn2010Machine said:

this **** is dope.....chevy equiknocks is my fav track...good lyrics and solid beat!!
9:29 PM November 9, 2011 yknotme said:

Not the usual bs I been hearin on here. Dude could go far in the midst of this mediocre. Production and mix is dope. Wish I could rewind cuz dude droppin so much ****
6:11 PM November 9, 2011 aceboogie3311 said:

Best Album out period F.A. The Squad
5:49 PM November 9, 2011 re_double said:

Mixtape of the Year *****es!!!
4:26 PM November 9, 2011 17thFloor said:

this guy is kool im his number 1 english fan lol but this projrct was check him out at thisis50 interviews on out
1:19 PM November 9, 2011 ivanisaiah said:

Nice Tape....