Kev Kushington - No L.I.E.

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7:47 PM September 26, 2012 TrillNinga said:

dis **** tight
8:58 PM November 23, 2011 RMONEY326 said:

Man this mixtape goes hard. Loyalty is everything!
6:30 PM November 6, 2011 blackwell93 said:

just listened to the first few tracks and now i'm sold.. more ppl got to listen to this and other indies cause some of them are better than some of these mainstream rappers
9:02 PM November 4, 2011 BigGameHeavyW8 said:

#9 goes hard, s/o to the homie #kevkush, I see ya fam!!!
2:44 PM November 4, 2011 CrossRoadsATL said:

Just got word this mixtape dropped. Just listened to first two tracks and I'm sold! Downloading now. Industry needs to wake up. There is alot of talent that's being overlooked!
1:57 PM November 4, 2011 earl_e_riser said:

#kevkush why aint he on?!?!?!?!
12:57 PM November 4, 2011 BigHomieBix said:

#8 ... I B you over there Kush & the Homie Brosi
12:37 PM November 4, 2011 jay_scott said:

this nigga goin in!! #pause.