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Behind The Muzik 2 (K.E. On The Track)

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Uploaded 11/04/2011
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4:33 AM June 27, 2017 mastamindatl via Mobile:

TF #21🤔 I did not know Tory Lanez was rappin since 2011
1:59 PM July 26, 2012 pooh1man said:

9:13 PM February 8, 2012 bobcats6 said:

KE made these beats!! 100%
11:08 PM November 9, 2011 lil_stacks11 said:

i cant even believe thiz dude no stuey rock got thiz beat..and he didn make all the way turnt up..vybe did that..
6:53 PM November 8, 2011 str8gems said:

AND that mixtape is on this site. You listen to Ross and Nicki You The Boss, then listen to Stuey Rock and Shawty Redd Whats It Gonna Be and tell me thats not the same song.
6:50 PM November 8, 2011 str8gems said:

Shy1 is right. That beat was on the Stuey Rock and Shawty Redd mixtape with DJ Scream from like a year and a half ago! Whats It Gonna Be is the name of the song. And they did the song WAY better!
9:34 AM November 7, 2011 charlespoper said:

nicki said she been had the song, wayne pass on it and everything
7:07 PM November 6, 2011 volleyball4life said: